Kreafunk aGROOVE Bluetooth Speaker – Soft Coral/Gold


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Enjoy old classics or new favourites on demand with the Kreafunk aGROOVE Bluetooth Speaker, a compact, wireless bluetooth speaker that allows you to stream music directly from the internet with a single click of your smartphone. Showcasing a simple, understated design with rounded edges, the speaker complements most home interiors and has a built-in battery for added portable versatility; take it to the kitchen as a cooking companion, or pop it on the bookshelf during social gatherings. Its light, simple and chic design does not compromise on quality; the speaker projects beautiful sound to fill the room with mood-setting tunes. Arrives in a beautiful wooden box. Technical Specification: Bluetooth 3.0 and EDR standard stereo technique Power consumption: 300MA Charging voltage: DC-5.0V – USB Cable Charging current: 1-2A (Max) Discharge voltage/current: 5V/1A Working voltage: 3.7-4 .2V Speaker resistance: 4Ω Frequency distortion: Working time: 24H (80% volume) Speaker distortion: ± 5% MAX Speaker resistance: 4Ω/3W * 2 USB+AUX-cable included Dimensions: H: 6.5cm x W: 20cm x D: 2.8cm